EMBEDnet Protocol Emulator Tool Kit,  (PETK),  is a heterogeneous multi-node, multi-network, protocol stack emulator tool kit. It is currently IN RELEASE, and was designed for multi-node mesh protocol development and validation but can be used with any protocol technology to generate highly accurate digital twin use case scenerios. Our kit provides you with the necessary documentation, tools and software you will need to: emulate, evaluate, development, validate, or maintain practically any protocol technology on one host system.

Since 1998, EMBEDnet has been providing wireless and other protocol software solutions to several hundred companies spanning the entire globe. Protocol Emulator Tool Kit utilizes our proprietary protocol technology that has been refined and tested. As such, it is: proven and mature technology, compact, dependable, portable, and easy to configure and use.

Protocol Emulator Tool Kit is targeted to be used in  conjunction with our protocol technology products, or by any company that needs to maintain or develop protocol technology that is used in Internet-Of-Things devices, smart phones, PDA's, digital cameras, palm-top computers, hand held devices, medical devices, printers, storage devices, pagers, watches, data collection devices and more.

With "the time-to-market pressures that squeeze development schedules…" Embedded Systems Programming Magazine "…suggest(s) that buying – not building – is a Good Idea." The Protocol Emulator Tool Kit offers a significant ROI with accurate digital twin creation.  This means your protocol technology can be thoroughly evaluated and tuned before deployment.   A Gartner report stated that “a digital twin can be used to analyze and simulate real world conditions, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.” .

The Protocol Emulator Tool Kit includes the following items:

  • Pre-compiled distributions for Linux based platforms.
  • All source code distributions for POSIX compliant platforms.
  • Detailed usage and API documentation
  • Turn-key examples.
  • All integration and project resources with EMBEDnet released protocol technologies.

Protocol Emulator Tool Kit application and use cases:

  • Used as an emulation, evaluation, development and test platform for all EMBEDnet supported protocol technologies or customer protocol technologies.
  • Used by any company interested in protocol development, validation, and support for new or existing protocol technology.
  • Used to create accurate digital twins to simulate virtualized device protocol use cases prior to hardware availability or deployment.
  • Used to simulate multi-node topology configurations with virtual end-devices that would otherwise make test lab physical device development, test, and support logistics unpractical.
Protocol Emulator Tool Kit Features:
  • A single emulation supports as many nodes as the host system resources will practically allow.

  • Low latency node to node communications for device driver and application layers.

  • Code execution profiling support.

  • Quality of service statistics reporting
  • Error management support.
  • External process node control, and node status reporting.
  • Automation test framework with supporting scripts.
  • Industry standard protocol analyzer.
  • Developed with standard development tools and processes.

For a detailed price quote or PETK white paper, please fill out our support ticket. 

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