IrTESTER is a complete IrDA infrared communications validation test harness that is used to validate IrDA-Data and IrSimpleShot protocol enabled products for: interoperability, compliancy, and common IrDA product compatibility.

IrTESTER is a turnkey test harness available in two configurations:

  • Executable Test Suites
  • Test Suite Developers Kit and Executable Test Suites

Both configurations come with all the documentation, CPU Hardware, IrREADY certified physical layer hardware and interconnect cables necessary to execute test suites against your IrDA enabled product.

Test suite results will confirm the integrity of your IrDA-Data and/or IrSimple based design in an easy-to-read format through any terminal I/O based program and can be traced to a documented set of well defined test points.

The "Test Suite Developers Kit" enables the developer to add or subtract test points from the respective test suite executables that are generated with the provided compiler tools.

IrTESTER is available exclusively with a license for IrPro.

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