IrPro Plus IrSimple SDK is a complete IrDA-Data Plus IrSimple protocol stack software development kit (SDK) designed for Embedded systems. The IrSimple wireless transfer SDK includes the IrSimpleShot ( IrSS ) application profile.

IrPro Plus IrSimple supports the proven and established IrPro IrDA-Data protocol stack technology and includes the integrated and tested IrSimple Unidirectional protocols, IrSimple Bidirectional protocols and IrSimple OBEX profile. The IrSS protocol stack can support IrSimple and/or legacy IrDA-Data protocols for both primary and/or secondary stacks.

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IrSimple is a highly optimized protocol operating at a 4Mb rate upto 1 GHz and can be used, for example, to perform wireless picture transmission to a TV from a cellular phone or a digital camera, and wireless data transmission between cellular phones at high speed.

IrSimple wireless transfer technology is emerging as a popular wireless protocol for printer, cell phone, camera, and other device manufacturers that can benefit from incorporating this technology into their products.

Our kit provides you with all the tools and software you will need to develop and test your IrDA-Data and/or IrSimple application on a targets CPU. The SDK includes the following items:

  • IrPro Plus IrSimple source code release
  • IrPro user documentation
  • IrTESTER test harness
  • 90 days technical support

From design to final product validation, the IrTESTER test harness can be used to validate all aspects of the IrDA-Data and/or IrSimple protocol integration.

The IrPro Plus IrSimple protocols have been rigorously tested against the IrDA published IrSimple test specifications. The SDK includes application test programs that can be used to validate final protocol integration for proper protocol sequencing and timing.

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