IrPro SDK is a complete IrDA-Data wireless protocol software development kit (SDK) designed for embedded systems. Our kit provides you with all the tools and software you will need to develop and test your IrDA-Data wireless protocol application on your target CPU.

IrPro supports an IrDA compliant client and/or server protocol stack which operates at speeds from 9.6 Kbps to the IrDA specified maximum data rate. IrPro is used to enable point to point infrared wireless protocol communications for portable devices.

IrPro technology was introduced in 1998 and was designed to meet the uncompromising demands of the embedded systems market. As such, it is: proven and mature technology, compact, dependable, portable, and easy to configure.

EMBEDnet practices strict quality control standards compliant with ISO 9001 quality management systems standards.

IrPro technology has been licensed to several hundred companies spanning the entire globe. IrPro is being used in smart phones, PDA, digital cameras, palm-top computers, hand held devices, medical devices, printers, storage devices, pagers, watches, data collection devices and more. Review our web site to find out how IrPro technology will make your IrDA requirements a reality.

The IrPro SDK includes the following items:

  • IrPro source code release
  • IrPro user documentation
  • IrTESTER test harness
  • 90 days technical support

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Quotes from customers using IrPro in their IrDA enabled products:

"The integration of IrComm was very easy and simple."

"We've successfully tested the IR Pro stack on most of the mobile phone units we need to communicate with"

"IrPro works just fine for us, many thanks for good product!"

"The IrPro LITE stack technology and non-royalty license was a good fit for our CPU and project budget. The stack has performed as expected and the few integration issues we had were identified and resolved expediently."

"Interoperability was not an issue with IrPro since we were able to deal directly with the source code"

"We were able to select a CPU that worked with IrPro and fit our budget"

The standard IrPro SDK comes with client and/or server software protocol stacks which support:

  • IrLAP
  • IrLMP
  • IAS
  • IrPNP
  • IrLPT
  • TinyTP
  • IrCOMM 3-wire raw
  • IrLPT.

Optional client and server based protocols available are:

  • OBEX
  • IrCOMM 3/9 wire,
  • IrMC,
  • IrTran-p,
  • IrLan,
  • Ultra
  • IrFM.

IrPro also comes with a framer and device driver for preconfigured CPU's.

With "the time-to-market pressures that squeeze development schedules…" Embedded Systems Programming Magazine "…suggest(s) that buying – not building – is a Good Idea." The IrPro IrDA protocol stack offers a lower cost alternative to the competitors higher priced products without sacrificing quality. And with its non-royalty based pricing schedule, IrPro is the key to interoperability for portable devices.


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For a detailed price quote, please fill out our quote request form.

Review the CPU's IrPro has been integrated with to support IrDA enabled products.

For more information about IrDA and IrPro, please see the IrPro FAQ.

Client ( Primary )Stack Features:
Minimum Code size equals 6-20K bytes ROM and 200 bytes RAM depending on required protocols and target platform.
Server ( Secondary ) Stack Features:
Minimum Code size equals 6-20K bytes ROM and 200 bytes RAM depending on required protocols and target platform.
Primary and Secondary Stack Features:
  • Supports speeds from 9.6Kbps to MAXIMUM IrDA data rates.
  • Supports upto the maximum windowing size of 7
  • Supports minimal configurations for 8 bit CPU's.
  • The stack is easily configured in makefile and header files.
  • Code architecture is modular and written in ANSI C.
  • Support for ATMEL, Texas Instruments, Intel, ARM, MIPS, Motorola, Hitachi SH, and other popular CPU's.
  • Support for Borland, Microsoft, Watcom, IAR, Crosscode, DiabData, Keil, GHS, and most other compilers.
  • Compatible with CISC/RISC architectures for both Big and Little Endian systems.
  • Inter-operates with all IrDA compliant devices.
  • Interfaces with cooperative, preemptive, or custom (in house) operating systems.
  • Includes detailed application and device driver documentation with supporting example programs.
  • Stack testing includes: unit level, API level, stress, IrDA compliancy, and compatibility testing.
Detailed Features:
  • Stack buffers are efficiently managed utilizing a "No Buffer Copy" approach.
  • Stack functional requirements are based on IrDA state machine specifications.
  • Source statements and function usage are documented.
  • Device Driver API interfaces with polled or interrupt based drivers (sample device drivers are included).
  • Extended features support minimum to maximum frame buffer sizes. ( Also supports non standard user defined buffer sizes )
  • Extended features support minimum to maximum data transfer rates 9.6 Kbps-Current IrDA specified maximum link data rate.

IrPro Stack Diagram

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