EMBEDnet-TCP/IP SDK is a TCP/IP protocol stack compliant software development kit (SDK) that is currently in release and was designed for resource constrained Embedded systems. Our kit provides you with the critical tools and software you will need to develop and get your TCP/IP protocol application running on your target CPU.

Since 1998, EMBEDnet has been providing wireless and other protocol software solutions to several hundred companies spanning the entire globe. EMBEDnet-TCP/IP utilizes our proprietary protocol technology that has been refined and tested in our flag-ship protocol engine: IrPro. As such, it is: proven and mature technology, compact, dependable, portable, and easy to configure.

EMBEDnet-TCP/IP is targeted to be used in smart phones, PDA, digital cameras, palm-top computers, hand held devices, medical devices, printers, storage devices, pagers, watches, data collection devices and more. Review our web site to find out how EMBEDnet technology will make your protocol requirements a reality.

With "the time-to-market pressures that squeeze development schedules…" Embedded Systems Programming Magazine "…suggest(s) that buying – not building – is a Good Idea." The EMBEDnet-TCP/IP protocol stack offers a lower cost alternative to the competitors higher priced products without sacrificing quality. And with its non-royalty based pricing schedule, it is the key to interoperability for portable devices.

The EMBEDnet-TCP/IP SDK includes the following items:

  • EMBEDnet-TCP/IP source code release
  • EMBEDnet-TCP/IP user documentation
  • TCP/IP-TESTER test harness
  • Immediate phone and email technical support

EMBEDnet-TCP/IP stack protocols:

  • TCP: Transmission Control Protocol supporting: fast recovery/transmit, RTT estimation, congestion control.
  • IP: Internet Protocol supports multi-network packet forwarding
  • UDP: User Datagram Protocol
  • ICMP: Internet Control Message Protocol supporting network debugging and maintenance
  • IGMP: Internet Group Management Protocol supporting multicast traffic management
  • MLD: Multicast listener discovery for IPv6.
  • ND: Neighbor discovery and stateless address autoconfiguration for IPv6.
  • DNS: Domain Names Resolver
  • SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol


  • PPP: Point-to-Point Protocol
  • SLIP: Serial line internet protocol.
  • ARP: Address Resolution Protocol supports Ethernet
  • Ethernet
  • 6LoWPAN


  • HTTP server with SSI and CGI: Hyper text transfer protocol
  • SNMPv2c  with MIB compiler: Simple Network Management Protocol
  • SNTP: Simple Network Time Protocol
  • MDNS: Multicast NDS responder
  • NetBIOS: Namer service responder
  • iPerf: Network testing tool

EMBEDnet-TCP/IP protocol options :

  • IPv4 support
  • IPv6 support
  • Simple API or Socket API
NOTE: contact Embednet sales for availability of protocols not listed

EMBEDnet-TCP/IP Stack Features:
  • The stack is easily configured in makefile and header files.
  • Code architecture is modular and written in ANSI C.
  • Support for ATMEL, Texas Instruments DSP, Intel, ARM, MIPS, Motorola, Hitachi SH, and other popular CPU's.
  • Support for GNU, Microsoft, IAR, Keil, and most other compilers.
  • Compatible with CISC/RISC architectures for both Big and Little Endian systems.
  • Interfaces with cooperative, preemptive, or custom (in house) operating systems.
  • Includes detailed application and device driver documentation with supporting example programs.
  • Stack testing includes: unit level, API level, stress, compliancy, and compatibility testing.
  • Turnkey test harness operation.

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