EMBEDnet-BT SDK is a Bluetooth wireless protocol stack software development kit (SDK), under development, designed for Embedded systems. Our embedded Bluetooth protocol stack SDK provides you with most of the critical tools and software you will need to develop and get our BT protocol stack plus required profiles integrated and tested with your application on your target CPU coupled with your BT controller hardware.

 Bluetooth specification versions supported are: v4.X LE.

EMBEDnet-BT is targeted to be used in Mobile Phones, Handheld Devices and Headset Devices.

We also can offer complete software development process documentaion for FDA certification of medical instumentation.

Typical bluetooth protocol operations performed at the application level are: Personal Item Transfers, Dial-up Networking, Fax, File Sharing, LAN Access, Audio/Pay Music, Audio/Call handling.

With "the time-to-market pressures that squeeze development schedules…" Embedded Systems Programming Magazine "…suggest(s) that buying – not building – is a Good Idea." The EMBEDnet-BT protocol stack offers a lower cost alternative to the competitors higher priced products without sacrificing quality. And with its non-royalty based pricing schedule, it is the key to interoperability for portable devices.

The EMBEDnet-BT SDK includes the following items:

  • Bluetooth Core Specification v4.X LE compliant
  • EMBEDnet-BT source code release for master and/or slave roles.
  • EMBEDnet-BT user documentation
  • EMBEDnet-BT Hareware Evalution Kit
  • 90 days no-fee technical support
  • BQE support.

Bluetooth stack protocol listing:

  • L2CAP: Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
  • SDP: Service Discovery Protocol
  • RFCOMM: Serial Port Emulation
  • HCI: Host Controller Interface support for H2, H4, H5, BCSP

Bluetooth profiles ( not all are supported )

  • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • AVRCP: A/V Remote Control Profile
  • BIP: Basic Imaging Profile
  • BPP: Basic Printing Profile
  • CTP: Cordless Telephony Profile
  • DI: Device ID Profile
  • DUN: Dial-Up Networking Profile
  • FAX: FAX Profile
  • FTP: OBEX File Transfer Profile
  • GAVDP: Generic A/V Distribution Profile
  • GOEP: Generic Object Exchange Profile
  • HCRP: Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
  • HDP: Human Device Profile
  • HFP: Hands-Free Profile
  • HSP: Headset Profile
  • HID: Human Interface Device Profile
  • ICP: Intercom Profile
  • MAP: Message Access Profile
  • OPP: OBEX Object Push Profile
  • PAN: Personal Area Networking Profile
  • PBAP: Phone Book Access Profile
  • SAP: SIM Access Profile
  • SDAP: Service Discovery Application Profile
  • SPP: Serial Port Profile
  • SYNC: Synchronization Profile
  • VDP: Video Distribution Profile

Bluetooth protocols:

  • AVCTP: A/V Control Transport
  • AVDTP: A/V Distribution Transport
  • BNEP: Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
  • MCAP: Multi-Channel Adaptation Protocol
  • OBEX: Object Exchange Protocol
  • TCP: Telephony Control (TCS Binary)
NOTE: EMBEDnet-BT is licensed protocol technology and requires strict conformance to the Bluetooth organization end product qualification requirements. Contact Embednet sales for more info about:
  • BT product development and testing requirements.
  • BT product types and their associated protocols and profiles
  • EMBEDnet-BT Stack Features:
    • The stack is easily configured in makefile and header files.
    • Code architecture is factored, modular, and written in ANSI C.
    • Support for ATMEL, Texas Instruments DSP, Intel, ARM, MIPS, Motorola, Hitachi SH, and other popular CPU's.
    • Compiler independent source code.
    • Compatible with CISC/RISC architectures for both Big and Little Endian systems.
    • Interfaces with cooperative, preemptive, or custom (in house) operating systems.
    • Includes detailed application and device driver documentation with supporting example programs.
    • Stack testing includes: unit level, API level, stress, compliancy, and compatibility testing.
    • RTOS interface is abstracted to a single header file.
    • DMA memcpy optimization isolated to a single source file.

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    For more information about bluetooth goto:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bluetooth or

    http://www.bluetooth.org or


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