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IrDA protocol stack integrated with embOS on ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103

Embednet®, Inc, a leading provider for the IrDA-Data protocol software technology: IrPro®, integrates IrPro with Seggers embOS RTOS on an ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103 CPU using the IAR embedded workbench.

Integration features:
  • Provides turn-key client and server support for popular protocols like IrCOMM and OBEX.
  • Utilizes DMA for stack I/O
  • Sample applications
  • Scalable: Client or Server applications selected at compile or run time.
  • Uses minimal RAM/ROM resources
  • Fully documented usages
  • Source code and EWARM project files.

EMBEDnet specializes in the development and deployment of popular protocol technology with key objectives: make technology accessable to companies in an cost effective, efficient, complete, and turnkey manner with the highest quality standards.
For more information about IrPro or other supported protocol technologies visit EMBEDnet's website at www.embednet.com

About EMBEDnet
Since 1998, EMBEDnet is has been a leading supplier of IrDA compliant infrared communications software solutions for embedded devices. All of our products have a non-royalty based pricing schedule for complete source code. We offer an affordable, reliable, and comprehensive protocol software development kits that have been used by small to large sized companies. All products are developed in-house by EMBEDnet's engineering staff based on years of extensive experience in embedded software development, real-time operating systems, CISC and RISC architectures, multiple tool chains (compilers), hardware device driver development and efficient porting technology. Our products meet strict quality control standards and are consistently and rigorously tested.

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