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Protocol Emulator Tool Kit now available

EMBEDnet®, Inc, a provider of protocol software technology solutions now offers the Protocol Emulator Tool Kit (PETK).

PETK is a multi-node, multi-network, heterogeneous protocol emulator tool kit that supports a high performance, light framework designed for accurate digital twin creation and emulation to simulate end-device use case scenarios.  All on a single host platform. 

"Developers can validate and tune a significant portion of their protocol stack technology prior to deployments."  The emulator can execute the actual protocol stack technology that will be deployed in an end-device.   There are obvious advantages of being able to put together and get feedback on a myriad of use case scenarios quickly and efficiently.

EMBEDnet engineering is focused on providing CORE IP so that the customer can focus on getting their technology release goals finalized and on schedule.

About EMBEDnet
As interest in the IOT marketplace continues to grow, there has been an increasing need for timely IOT based software solutions. EMBEDnet is poised to help meet these marketplace needs. Products are developed and evaluated in-house by our own engineering staff based on years of extensive experience in:

  • Embedded software development ( network communications and operating systems)
  • CISC and RISC architectures
  • Multiple tool chains (compilers)
  • Hardware device driver development
  • Efficient Porting technology
Our products meet strict quality control standards and are consistently and rigorously tested before shipping.

To learn more: contact sales about the PETK white-paper.

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