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4Mb wireless IrDA Boot-loader added to ECOS Redboot uses IrPro IrDA Technology

Embednet®, Inc, a leading provider for IrDA-Data protocol software technology: IrPro®, integrates 4Mb wireless boot-loader operations on ECOS Redboot platform

Boot loader features:
  • 3s load/flash cycles for a 256KB file image
  • 10s load/flash cycles for a 2MB file image
  • Read-Modify network parameter settings
  • Source code and GNU project files.
  • Complementary Windows based IrDA test application

EMBEDnet specializes in the development and deployment of popular protocol technology with key objectives: make technology accessable to companies in a cost effective, efficient, complete, and turnkey manner with the highest quality standards.
For more information about IrPro or other supported protocol technologies visit EMBEDnet's website at www.embednet.com

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