Serving the Internet of Things ( IOT ) networking protocols market place with affordable and reliable technology.

Protocol Emulator Tool Kit 

Multi-node, Multi-network, heterogeneous protocol emulator supports accurate digital twin creation with protocol virtualization and emulation of Internet-of-Things networked device protocol technology.

TCP/IP protocol stack SDK

Supports a small footprint TCP/IP protocol stack for popular protocols.

IrDA-Data protocol stack SDK

Supports client and/or server IrDA wireless protocol stacks for all popular IrDA-Data protocols.

IrSimple protocol stack SDK

Supports client and/or server IrDA wireless protocol stacks for IrSimple Uni/Bi directional operations.

Mission Statement:
We are dedicated to being a provider of innovative Software Solutions for Embedded Network Protocol Systems. Our primary objective is to develop and deploy protocol software technology:
  • Efficiently
  • With the highest quality standards
  • While providing consistent and reliable customer service

IrPro infrared communication software for embedded systems

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EMBEDnet News
Protocol Emulator Tool Kit now available.

TCP/IP protocol stack designed for embedded systems.

IrPro supports ISO/IEEE 11073-30200 standard for point of care medical device communications
4Mb wireless IrDA Boot-loader added to ECOS Redboot uses IrPro  IrDA Technology
IrPro IrDA protocol stack integration with Microchip PIC24 CPU
IrPro IrDA FIR protocol stack integration with ARM Cirrus Logic EP9302 CPU
IrPro IrDA protocol stack integration with ARM Cortex-M3 STM32L152 CPU
IrDA protocol stack integrated with embOS on ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103
Wireless USB 2.0 with Giga IrDA removes connectors
IrPro supports Gigabyte Standards
IrDA data rates soar to 1 Gigabyte
IrSimple protocols at sub 1s multimedia transfers
IrSimple enabled products take hold
IrSimple protocols added to IrPro
OBEX expands to v1.4

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